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39,500 Miles Paddled

As of today, Tour du Teche racers have paddled a total of 39,500 miles!  This number includes all racers in all races.


To see a list of the Top 20 TDT racers click here.


Final Race Results

Please click here for 2015 race results. 


Please click here for race results from previous years.


Follow the Race!

If you would like to follow the progress of the racers, please click here.  Enlarge the map to full screen to see a list of team names.  Only racers with SPOT will be tracked for the Tour du Teche 135. SPOT is not mandatory for this race.




The inaugural Tour de la Riviere Rouge and the 410 de Louisiane, ultra-marathon races for canoes and kayaks, will literally start with a bang this Saturday, September 26.


An elite group of long-distance paddlers will start from under the Shreveport-Barksdale Bridge at Shrevepor-Bossier City at 9am.  And about the same time, down in Alexandria, they're going to be blowing up the 79 year-old O.K. Allen Bridge, shutting down that section of the Red River from 24 to 36 hours.  The bridge was originally supposed to be destroyed on September 19, but the contractor had a problem assembling the materials, so it was postponed until this Saturday.


No problem.


The racers will motor-portage around the demolition site, taking out at the Fort Buhlow Recreation Site on the left bank and putting back in at Amphitheater Park in downtown Alexandria on the right bank.


The portage is about six miles, similar to the required portage from Krotz Springs, on the Atchafalaya River, to Bayou Courtableau and the final stretch to Port Barre.


To motor-portage, the paddlers will rendezvous with their coureurs de bois (support crew) at the take-out point, load their boats on vehicles, and drive to the put-in point.


Paddlers in the 275-mile Riviere Rouge are required to not only have a coureur de bois but also a SPOT GPS tracking/transmitting device.  This race is being run around the clock and without physical checkpoints.  The racers' progress can be followed via the Track Leader link on www.tourduteche.com.


The finish line for Riviere Rouge is Port Barre on Bayou Courtableau, which becomes the start for Tour du Teche 135 on Friday, October 2.  TDT is a 135-mile, three-day staged race down the entire length of Bayou Teche to Berwick on the Atchafalaya River across from Morgan City.  SPOT trackers are encouraged but not requiredin this race.


Racers in the 410 de Louisiane will compete both race courses back-to-back, a distance of 410 miles from the top of the state to the bottom.  Top prize in each class of the 410 is $1,000 cash.


Winners of the Triple Crown of Louisiana Kayak Racing, the fastest combined time in all three races over three years, will not only share in a growing cash pot, but also their names will be inscribed in stone at the finish line, Berwick's Everett S. Berry Memorial Lighthouse Park.


For more infornmation anout Tour de la Riviere Rouge, 410 de Louisiane, and the Louisiana Triple Crown of Kayak racing, go to www.tourduteche.com.